Why we travel?


1.    Your travels

2.    Why travel?

3.    Why travel top 10

4.    Why should young people travel?

5.    Why don't Americans travel?

6.    Self-imposed Isolation

7.    Long way Round / Long Way Down review

8.    A geographer's perspective

Your travels

Living in Nebraska, I have been to most of the states in the Midwest including, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The reason I have gone to all these states is because I have family all over.  I have family in Alaska that I hope to go one day.  Besides visiting family I have visited Illinois and Washington D.C. for school trips.  We went to Chicago my senior year for a band trip where we played in Chicago for a contest.  My junior year our class had an option to go to D.C., where we fundraised the money through many different programs and mostly paid for the trip through that. 

Why travel?

She travels so she sees different things from a different perspective all around the world.  Each country she went to the people have a different lifestyle.  When she went to India, her friend said they didn’t use trash cans so they just threw all the garbage on the ground.  Another time while India she was assaulted and after the suspect was taken in he was immediately beaten for his actions and for him to confess.  The ultimate reason why she travels is to “look with new eyes on familiar things.”

Why travel top ten

            I think making unforgettable memories, it makes you more independent, and it improves your language skills are the most important.  Making unforgettable memories is what will make you want to go back or travel more.  Travelling improves oneself being independent because usually you won’t know anyone around say if it’s for a vacation to another country.  It’s very important that the language skills are improved because not everyone knows English and it’s actually kinda fun to learn a new language.

Why should young people travel?

1. You’ll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

2. Traveling Builds Confidence

3. You Will Develop Cultural Sensitivity

4. You Can Adapt to Globalization

5. Be Immersed in a Second (or Third) Language

6. Infinite Opportunities to Network


            I really agree with all her points about why the younger generation should travel.  It really sets you up to be more confident and prepared for later in life.  It’s better to learn how to travel while your young than have to figure it out and have no idea what you’re doing when you have to later on.  It isn’t uncommon for a job to have you travel, it’s becoming a thing of the future.  We will be travelling all over the world as technology continues to get better and better.

Why don't Americans travel?

I like how they opened with reasons by saying that we really don’t need to go anywhere, we already have everything here in the US.  From beaches to desert along with many other attractions and destinations.  I think the price along with time of travelling is the biggest reason why Americans don’t travel.  Costs for everything is going up throughout time.  Being away from home for an extended period of time just doesn’t interest many people.  Setting up a trip in general takes lots of time and gives people anxiety.

Self-imposed Isolation?

            I think my parents are part of the self-imposed isolation.  They want to travel places but it’s never very far, kinda why I’ve never been far away from Nebraska.  Whenever I want to go on a vacation with a couple of friends they always freak out and are scared what will happen because they don’t ever travel themselves.  Nebraska has some cool aspects, but there are many places that are far more intriguing in many ways not all really that far away.

Long way Round / Long way Down review

         I agree with what Wallaston had to say about the tv series.  I also think that some of the things they did were only to add action to the show or no one would really watch it.  Their trips were really different than how Simon’s did his where McGregor and Boorman had lots of people with them to help them through.  Compared to Simon’s trip they did theirs way quicker and rode a lot more each day to get to their end destination.  McGregor and Boorman were really guided through the entire trip from police escorts and natives to ensure their safety.  In case something happened they had a rescue team following.

A Missing Geographic Perspective

            In the very start of the series it displayed how many weeks they had until they departed.  With limited time trying to learn many things about each of the countries they would be going through would be very difficult.  Even what they did learn I’m sure they forgot most of the information.  They could have easily used the internet to find specific things that were necessary to travel like the roads.  There were so many times they chose a bad road to go on.  I think it was on purpose to get views but still wasn’t needed risking possible injuries.  If they would have taken the time to find a decent road to ride on it would have helped them later on, they were breaking bikes and themselves doing these terrible stunts. 

Submitted by Zach Coarntey on 2-1.