Ground Transportation for [Country/Region]

Options for traveling within France for a 21-day period


  1. Car
  2. Train / Bus / Air
  3. Other Options
  4. Estimate of total ground travel expenses





Peugeots are directly made from France and are quite reliable.  Renting the Peugeot 208 from April 4-25 in France would cost $604.29 with the least amount of insurance included.  Driving by car isn’t the cheapest transportation in France but probably allows for the most sight seeing as you can really go wherever or whenever you want without following a strict time schedule.

Train / Bus / Air

Eurail France


For a one month pass and being able to travel 8 of the 21 days would cost $273 after a 10% discount for buying a ticket early.  Travelling by train would be the fastest way to travel around France on the ground but you wouldn’t get to see many things besides out the window of the train car.


TVG – high speed trains



Basically travelling from one side of France to the other would take around 4 hours.  TVG trains are the fastest and most comfortable trains which makes them cost so much more.  They can travel over 320kmh.

Other options



Plane travel would be overall the fastest way around France but it’s much more expensive.


Estimate of total ground travel expenses

The total cost of traveling within France for a three week period is... $1128.75

If you were to travel every way possible…

Rental Car – $604.29

Eurail - $273

TVG - $140.46

Plane – $111

Submitted by Zach Coartney on 3-8.