Biography of Zach Coartney


  1. Personal Information
  2. Education
  3. Major
  4. All my travels
  5. Why I'm taking this class

Personal Information

I was born in Fremont, NE where I lived most of my child hood.  When I was going into 4th grade we moved about 10 miles north to an acreage, where I currently live now.


I am a 3rd year student and graduated from Logan View Public Schools in 2016.


I am a geology major with a geography minor.

All my travels

I have never been outside the US but have been to South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, and Virginia.

Why I'm taking this class

Not only is this class for the geography program.  I thought this would help greatly for the future when I do have to travel for many days or even weeks.

Assigned videos

I have watched Long Way Round from YouTube and I’m watching Long Way Down on

I agree to post all assignments for this course on the web for the professor and other students to view.

Submitted by Zach Coartney on 1-30.